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The Company

Inception: 1967
Burque's initial business was of manufacturing battery cells later diversifying into trading. Diversification and expansion in the business led to the evolvement of separate businesses under the umbrella of Burque.

Although not all of Burque's businesses are logistics or distribution based, they do however enjoy the benefits derived from the parent's excellent distribution network.

Burque has been an important player in the distribution industry since 1974 when it was appointed as the sole agent of Nestlé SA, Switzerland for Pakistan.

From 1974 to 1989, Burque's main business was marketing and distribution of Nestlé products in the country. The door to door organized distribution of these products played a key role in their success in a very short period.

By 1989, Burque was distributing Nestlé products directly through nine branches located across Pakistan. In 1989, Nestlé Switzerland entered into a joint venture with Milkpak Ltd. (now Nestlé Pakistan Ltd.) for the local manufacturing of its products.

The whole distribution set up was restructured after which Burque became the sole distributor of Nestlé products in Sind and Balochistan. At that time, the region contributed about 70% of total Nestlé products sale in Pakistan.

Since 1989, Burque has expanded to become a well diversified distributor of FMCG products. It distributes food, non-food, chilled and frozen products, serving thousands of customers across Pakistan.

Burque also supplies bulk water directly to homes and offices in Karachi. Burque's presence in the distribution and logistics business has always been its major strength and even today, the majority of its business is heavily concentrated on distribution.

Our corporate operations are managed by a team of competent professionals, who are supported by state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, distribution centers, IT, customer database and back office systems.

Today, Alhamdulillah, Burque has evolved into a notable Pak Rupees 30 billion plus company. Thanks in great part to its efficient and organized human resource whose proficient and diligent efforts have played and will continue to play a major role in the rapid expansion of its operations and services across Pakistan.